Don't Take Our Word For It

February 2016

Whitney from Illinois:

"My experience with Bungalow has been tremendous.  I have an excellent relationship with my stylist.  She communicates in a timely manner, listens to my requests and has been able to find clothing that fits my style and my body type. I am over six feet tall. Consequently, it can be difficult to find clothes that accommodate my height but my stylist routinely sends me options that are long enough and beautiful, something I struggle to do on my own.  Additionally, she pushes me out of my comfort zone a bit and finds clothes I might not pick out in a store or online on my own but are pieces I love."  

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February 2016

Shanie from Texas:

“Bungalow has been such a wonderful experience for me! Being a full-time mom with a part-time job, who still likes to keep with the trend and be stylish can be challenging. It's hard to find the time to shop. I love the ease and comfort of having a personal stylist at my fingertips and having a wardrobe delivered to my front door. I look forward to my monthly box of surprises. Keep what I want and send back what I don't without any hassle! Love it!

Thanks for all you do!”

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February 2016

Jeannine from California:

"Bungalow is amazing all around! Their stylists truly have gotten to know what I like and often pick out styles and cuts that I would never have thought to try. I love getting my bungalow box and I am constantly getting complimented on the new items in my wardrobe! It’s a game changer for a busy woman who doesn’t have time to shop."

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February 2016

Stephanie from South Carolina:

 "I love to shop, but sometimes time is an issue, Bungalow is a great alternative with great stylists that cater to your taste and style."

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February 2016

Kate from Connecticut:

 "Bungalow is like my own secret, little, love shack of happiness!!! My stylist sends me perfectly packaged treats that I look amazing in!

My biggest stress is when my friends want to know where I buy my clothes!? I only tell my favorite friends who really just won't let it go that I have my own stylist on the west coast who picks special outfits just for me!!

Then I invite them to join as long as they don't steal my look!!

My Bungalow stylist makes me look like a smokeshow!!!

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February 2016

Danielle from New Jersey:

 I was introduced to Bungalow at a local shopping event and it's changed the way I shop. By answering a few simple profile and style questions, the Bungalow stylists expertly select pieces that will work with your current wardrobe and your lifestyle. I love receiving my dressing room and I always know it will include expertly selected pieces that will work for me. Most recently my stylist prepped me for a weekend getaway with my husband. It was wonderful to have her notes, and I had my packing list finalized weeks ahead of time. The day before my trip I dropped everything into my CARRY ON and I was all set. It was so fantastic to have a weekend away with no stress, knowing I had everything I needed to look and feel fabulous. I cannot recommend Bungalow Clothing highly enough. Give it a try! You will not be disappointed!!

Danielle's Closet                                                                                             Number of Dressing Rooms

January 2016

Biljana from Arizona:

 “Overall, I found the whole process very easy and fun. Everything from the shape of the box, the size, the special attention. The amount of items in the box. The follow up and communication is great!”

 Biljana's Closet                                                                                       Number of Dressing Rooms


January 2016

Jean from Mississippi:

 “I have loved my experience with Bungalow!  I have tried other styling services and Bungalow is completely different, in a really good way. 

My stylist, actually keeps in contact with me via text and email to see if there are any items I am looking for and when I would like a shipment.  There is no set ‘every month’, ‘every other month’, etc... mandatory shipments to sign up for; just whenever you want a shipment. 

Their customer service is top notch and the whole experience is super fun, enjoyable and easy. 

Anything that I don't need (although, I always want it all...) I just tape up the box with the enclosed tape, put it on my front porch and text Bungalow and they schedule the pickup!  No work AT ALL!”

 Jean's Closet                                                                                     Number of Dressing Rooms


November 2015

Jennifer from Texas:

 “Just wanted to shoot a quick note to let you know that my personal stylist is amazing - I couldn't believe that my first order was so spot on and any time I see something I like; I can just shoot her a text.

That kind of customer service is something only people who are level 4+ get at Neiman Marcus. Very impressed!” 

Jennifer's Closet                                                                                                 Number of Dressing Rooms