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Our Designers

Haute Hippie, MiH, Rachel Zoe, Halston Heritage, Sachin + Babi, Nili Lotan, Frame Denim, NSF, Joie, Ella Moss, Ramy Brook, Current Elliott, Splendid … plus many more.

Personal Styling Is Where It’s At...

Shopping with a style concierge is a completely unique experience. We know what you love and even challenge you to try a few things outside your comfort zone— expanding your wardrobe with fresh looks and designers.

Try Before You Buy

This is the core of our business. We never ask you to commit until you have seen the items in your own mirror. You have five days to yay or nay.

Free Shipping Both Ways and Free Return-Package Pickup

Just text us and we’ll send Fedex to pick up your return shipment or drop off returns in our prepaid envelope.

The Cost?

Just the Cost of the Clothing
No Membership Fees
No Styling Fees

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