Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Bungalow Clothing’s online shopping process is unique (and so much better we are told) than what online shoppers are used to. When you register, fill out a Style Profile and put a credit card on file, one of our stylists will get cracking on building you a dream dressing room. We ship items to you to ‘try’ on with ZERO upfront chargesfor your first Dressing Room. You have up to 5 days to try everything on and are ONLY charged for items you choose to keep.  Any remaining items that you decide not to keep are scheduled for pick-up via a quick and easy text message to our headquarters.  No prepay to try things on and no shipping charges either way. No need to drive to a shipping location to drop off returns. No waiting for credits back to your card.  *Our step-by-step process is on our How It Works page which explains how Bungalow Clothing has reinvented the online shopping process making it better and easier than other online women’s shopping sites.

How much does it cost?

There are absolutely NO upfront charges to your card. No styling fees and no shipping charges for your First Dressing Room. We simply request your card details upfront so that we have it on file when we receive your returned items.  When those return items are received, you are simply charged for the items you chose to keep. Also, there are no hidden fees or extra markup on the clothing. Our prices are equal to or less than most offline and online retailers. After your FIRST dressing room there will be a dressing room fee of $8 on any future dressing rooms you recieve.  This allows us to continue sending you 6-12 hand styled pieces in every dressing room

When do you charge my credit card?

Typically your card is charged when Bungalow Clothing has received returned items. You are only charged for the items you chose to keep in accordance with our Terms of Service.  This means you are not charged anything when you signup. In some cases our customers simply want to buy an item and don't want to take advantage of our dressing room program. In this case your credit card is only billed once we have received permission from you.

How does shipping work?

Items are automatically shipped FREE of charge once Bungalow Clothing assembles your dressing room. When you have decided which items you want to keep from your shipment, a simple text message to the number listed in your shipment document schedules a package pick-up FREE of charge from your home or office.  A return label and packaging tape are included in all shipments to make the return process as easy as possible for you.

How many items are in a dressing room?

A typical Bungalow Clothing dressing room will contain 6-15 items, which have been selected for you based onyour style profile and any interactions you have had with your personal stylist.

What is the typical price for the items in my dressing room?

Individual prices range anywhere from $40 (clearance, if available) - to over $1,000. Your individually curated dressing room will contain items that generally match the desired price points you select in your style profile. 

Why must I provide a credit card (if I have not yet decided that I want to buy something)?

Bungalow Clothing requires a valid credit card on file in order for us to send you approximately $1,000 worth of quality styles for you to try on. There are no fees of any kind (styling fees, shipping fees, etc.) for your first Dressing Room, just the cost of the clothing, if you decide to keep something. After your FIRST dressing room there will be a non refundable dressing room fee of $8 on any future dressing rooms you recieve.  This allows us to continue sending you 6-12 hand styled pieces in every dressing room. Of course we wish we could trust everyone to give their card after they have decided on what they want to keep, but that would not be good business on our part.